EcoOne - hand car wash

  • Long-lasting glitter and lacquer protection

  • Exquisitely clean car

  • Interior of your car also needs care

gentle and efficient cleaning

Gentle and Efficient Cleaning

EcoOne technologies and procedures are ecologically and environmentally non-exigent as well as gentle to your vehicles. Unlike the tunnel car wash with brushes, EcoOne does not damage the lacquer and prevents irregularities on the car body.

spared time

Spared Time

Take advantage of the garage car wash to get your car washed at your parking place, while you are at work. You will save the time you may later spend with your family or doing your hobbies.

vip výhody

VIP Benefits

We appreciate our permanent customers, so we offer them for every 10th wash any free program and lots of other benefits throughout the year.

How does it work?

EcoOne detergent is sprayed under high pressure over the surface of the car. The liquid descends upon the car and separates the particles of pollution from the treated car surface.

Online booking

Online Booking

You may book our services online from the comfort of your own home. Choose the time and date, that suits you the best, drive your car in and our employees will take care of the rest.

Hand car wash

Your car will be manually and meticulously washed by our trained employees. They use the up-to-date detergents and technologies. The results of their work are always rigorous and high-quality.

Ecological Technology

EcoOne is remarkably gentle to the environment. Our car wash procedures do not use any chemical substances, which is supposedly well received by the nature.

Perfect Results

Not only will your car be perfectly clean, it will be also protected by high-quality carnauba wax. Your car will be subsequently protected against various harmful external impacts.

Get your car washed better than ever before

Hand car wash with patented detergent guarantees a perfect result without any scratch and harm to the lacquer. You will again enjoy driving after the car interior and windows are perfectly cleaned and polished.
thorough care
perfect purity
ecological technology
precise work team